Cost and Savings Barefoot Caravanning


This is how we work out our cost and savings, to see if a Caravan is really worth purchasing. We purchased the caravan in September 2016. The savings accrued will predominately come from NOT having to purchase food and accommodation. Majority of our cost will be the purchasing of the caravan, equipment, maintenance and extra fuel which comes with towing a caravan. A few things must be remembered when looking at the figures 1. they’re approximate figures, 2. you can not put a price on memories and 3. we still own the Caravan, so if we were to sell it tomorrow, this would come under the savings heading.


As of the 4May17



  1. Accommodation $150 a night, (Saving $115)
  2. Breakfast $50
  3. Lunch $60
  4. Dinner $80

     – Total $ 5515


  • Our 2006 Jayco Expanda cost us $25,000.
  • Transfer $180
  • bedding $120
  • Maintenance 142
  • Miscellaneous $300
  • Diesel Fuel $5.50 per 100 km.
  • Caravan sites $35 a night
  • Insurance $80 a month
  • Total $26752


OUR 4WD and Caravan

How do we do these travels ???? THE RIG

Our first play with a caravan


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