Airlie Beach TC Debbie economic Recovery

airlie 4IMG_6778.JPG

Ok, as most of you would be aware, Tropical North Queensland has just been ravaged by Tropical Cyclone Debbie, causing Millions of dollars in damage. While this is a troubling time for the local communities, we found it an opportunity to enhance the recovery process of the Airlie Beach economy.

We set out from Townsville around 1000hrs, heading South passed Ayr, Home Hill and Bowen, eventually arriving at the Big4 caravan park around 1300 hrs. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised with the lack of damage, to the park itself, however every tree in sight had been stripped of its greenery and as such a pile of mulch about 300m long greeted us on the highway in to Airlie.

The caravan Park is expensive compared to other parks, however offers a plethora of toys and activities for anybody with kids to enjoy. Some of the kids features included playgrounds, bouncing pillows, water slide and pools, mini golf and eventually a water park will be refurbished and opened. There are a lot of options with site selection from non powered grass sites right up to 3 bedroom villas. We obviously had our caravan, however our friends had a camp trailer which was also comfortable this time of year, thanks to the cooling weather (dry season). The Whit Sundays is obviously a beautiful place to visit, so anybody who has a spare dollar, get down there and help out the locals. While the Airlie Beach area was not firing on all cylinders, it is still a magnificent site and offers a great relaxing holiday for anybody in need.

After 4 days, there was plenty left for us to do next time.

Score  59/100 (Pricey, will get better once fully recovered)

TIP 1 – Bikes are a great mode of transport, so if you have the option, certainly take them.

TIP 2 – When reversing Caravan, put your vehicle into L4 (low 4WD), this will save your clutch and minimise stalling.


Big thanks to the Ackland’s for their support in Barefoot Caravanning



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