Dingo Beach and Surrounds

Ok, we are back travelling Northern Queensland, only now there’s five of us. We travelled about 3 hours South of Townsville to a place on the whit Sundays called Hydeaway  Bay. The little beach township is about 30mins off the Bruce highway and presents some of Queensland’s most beautiful secrets.

We stayed at the Hydeaway caravan park, which is perfect for young families, as there is acres of lush green lawn and bush for the kids to explore. Birds and wildlife (Kangaroos and Possums) are plenty and the park has modern facilities. The park itself, is approximately 300m from the beach, which is secluded and has BBQ facilities for anybody wanting to spend a sunset down there.

Other nearby attractions include Dingo beach (20min drive) and the two beautiful resorts, which includes  Montes (These are popular destinations). Airlie Beach and Conway Beach are also within the hour. Fishing and snorkelling is also very popular, however, as it is stinger season, we chose not to risk the snorkelling.

Tip Be aware of stingers between NOV and May and if travelling in the wet season, ensure fans or aircons are an option (we had 40 degree heat)

Score Hydeaway Bay 65 – 100




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