5 Musts of the Atherton Tablelands part 1

We are fortunate with our rosters allowing us a block of days off sometimes, the mother in law was up. Now all we needed was a nice destination to show her the sites of North Queensland with out the searing heat. Yungaburra, here we come. Yumgaburra is a small community about an hour from Cairns and houses one of Australia’s most famous Barra and red claw sanctuaries (Lake Tinnaroo). Our caravan site was right on the lake and directly opposite one of the must sees of the Atherton Tablelands. That makes a perfect Segway into the first must see attraction which is of course;

The Avenue of Honour !!!

The Afghanistan Avenue of Honour is a living memorial dedicated to the memory of all who served in the fight against terror in Afghanistan and to those brave and selfless Australians who made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of freedom and liberty.

The Avenue symbolises the final journey home of the fallen, and preserves forever the gratitude and respect the nation bestows on all those to whom we owe a debt… that can never be repaid.

The Avenue follows the path of fallen Commando Ben Chuck’s Gun Carriage, July 1st 2010, and symbolises the ‘final journey home’ of the Fallen.

A plaque representing each fallen soldier is placed on an ‘Honour Board’ in close proximity to the Memorial. The landscape surrounds give visitors the opportunity to pause and reflect and a place to pay their respects. The emphasis of the Avenue is directed to the living, natural, free, open aspects of the trees, stunning location, pristine water views and the enhancement of the existing picturesque environment.


Lake Eacham !!!

Site number two is about a 10 minute drive from Yungaburra. There are few things to do at Lake Eacham you can, Swim in a beautiful volcanic crater lake or go for a 3km walk around its perimeter where you may spot a musky rat-kangaroo. Surrounded by World-Heritage Rainforest, this lake is a great bird watching area. Look into the weeping fig canopy at the lake side car park to view fig parrots. Listen for the distinctive calls of the catbird and tooth-billed bowerbird. Bring a picnic or use the free BBQs. Toilet facilities available. Lake Eacham is a popular tourist destinations and is often flooded with back packers. WE highly recommend a BBQ and a swim and check out one of North Queensland’s premiere swimming holes.


Curtain Fig Tree

If anybody has young girls this is the destination for you. This rainforest giant has been wowing visitors for decades. In the daytime, watch for ground and arboreal birds. At night, bring your torch to spotlight for tree-kangaroos and possums. From Yungaburra, drive towards Atherton. Just out of town, turn left on Fig Tree Boulevard, drive 2km to the car park. The all-weather boardwalk is wheelchair friendly. If you mention the home of fairies in the car on the way there, to your little ones, the ground work is done. Watch their imaginations go wild as you circumnavigate this monster tree.


The Crater

Meander across the Atherton Tablelands towards Ravenshoe to visit The Crater, located in Mt Hypipamee National Park. A gentle walk through beautiful rainforest brings you to the site of this geological oddity – a volcanic pipe crater. Swim at Dinner Falls, and enjoy a picnic in the carpark. This is a top area for night time spot lighting for possums. Word of note if your going for a swim, its cold. The actual crater itself is apparently filled with a type of prawn (shrimp) which is only known to exist to the Crater. Its definitely different and worth your effort if you have a spare hour.
– 45 minutes from Yungaburra


Gallows Dairy land – Cheese and Chocolate factory

Well worth a drive and only an hour from Cairns on the lush tropical Atherton Tablelands you will find a dairy farm that has opened the doors or rather their gates to the public. With the farming enterprise positioned half way between Atherton and Malanda you will be pleasantly surprised to find a fully operational dairy farm; a gourmet cheese factory; a sensational café/restaurant; and last but not least the most beautiful hand-crafted chocolate. The girls absolutely loved the access to all the animals and were certainly intrigued by the method of milking the cows. The chocolates are expensive but certainly are beautiful. My favourite was the Turkeys (greatness is not beautiful).


All of these sites were only part of the activities to do with in an hour of Yungaburra, I think I will have to do a part two of this blog. Its an amazing part of an amazing country. More importantly for people living in the tropics the weather is a good 8 degrees cooler, due to elevation. Anyway hope you enjoyed, I may have researched some of the species.

Score Yungaburra 77 / 100

Tip  Kids bikes are always great entertainment, so if there’s room I highly recommend putting one for each kid in. Regularly check weather App on phone to prepare for any unsuspecting rain.




3 thoughts on “5 Musts of the Atherton Tablelands part 1

  1. Hi,
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too!
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about. I brought you the link to my About page, so you can read more about my blog.
    In response to what you wrote, congratulations on your story. I know Shannon.


  2. Hi there Daniel and Carmen and my little Grand girls. It is a most heart felt experience walking through the Avenue of Honour . I can only imagine Daniel a little of what you felt and thought along that walk. ⚘for the fallen. Your stories and adventures are very captivating and always look forward to each episode of your journeys, Keep on,keeping on nurturing and enhancing my Granddaughters growth in experiencing what life’s all about. Very proud Mum.


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