Rolling stone Caravan park, North Queensland’s secret oasis



Rolling stone is situated about 30 minutes North of Townsville, up the Bruce highway. It must be said that the Town of Rolling stone is uneventful, however after having a beer at the local pub, meander on down to the caravan park. The park is a Grey Nomads dream, its spacious, situated on the beach and has all the amenities for all levels of nomading. For the kids there is numerous activities including a large swimming pool. Its quite a beautiful spot to just relax, have a beer and play a song on the guitar by a camp fire. Being a Townsville resident our family frequents the park regularly and would highly recommend it to anyone who is heading North past Townsville.

The 100km between Townsville and Ingham is littered with a number of tourist attractions such as Paluma range and hidden valley, little and big crystal creek, which are great swimming holes and of course a kids treat with frosty mango, which is North of Rolling stone right on the Bruce highway.

Score  Rolling stone 66/100

Tip – The park needs to be booked well in advance during holiday seasons. for example Easter is normally booked out two years in advance.


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