Litchfield National Park Barefoot Caravanning… LIKE if you’ve been there 

Northern Territory

Ok , our first time towing a caravan. We could certainly feel the caravan on the back. However with the aid of side mirrors and a trailer brake in my 2011 GLX Triton, we quickly got used to driving the extra long rig. We headed from Darwin into Lichfield National Park, where we stopped at Banyon caravan park , about 10 minutes from Batchelor. The park had lovely hosts and some nice shaded areas, also the sites were drive through, so no reverse parking (always a winner).

Lichfield is a magnificent natural park with plenty of water holes and sites to see (such as the Termite Mounds. Our favourite swimming hole was certainly Wangi and Florence waterfalls, however for children Buley water hole is great to relax and let the little ones have a play. It must be noted that all of these attractions are FREE and are a welcome relief from the burning sun of Darwin

Score  81/100

Tip – for barefoot caravanners – purchase pool noodles, they help when swimming to the falls with small children.

Florence falls Litchfield National Park


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