How do we do these travels ???? THE RIG

Car and Caravan details.



I own a 2011 GLX Triton. The car itself has a number of up grades such as suspension , power chips, dual batteries and electric brakes , these are all essential for towing a caravan in the Australian outback. Other features included are a bullbat , snorkel, BFG AT tyres, a number of cigarette and USB outlets and a reverse camera .All the outlets are good for the children’s entertainment, phone charges and running a fridge in the back. Lastly I have an inbuilt air compressor, inventor and a set of black widow draws, which are great for  keeping everything organised. The connection between the car and the van is a small six pin plug and an Anderson plug which allows the alternator to charge the caravan battery , when driving. It must be added that I bought the car with all of these features in 2013. Cost $28,000



2006 Jayco expanda, its 16 foot long and expands out to 23 foot. Consists of a queen bed, double bed , shower, toilet, aircon. These are great features for the kids, in particular the shower. The van has solar, battery and AC Power, with all three way dometic appliances (hot water , fridge ect). Lastly it come with an annex, microwave, oven/ hot plates,TV, gas bottles and an external gas port to hook our weber up out side. The van is remarkably easy to set up and is easy to tow. Total set up takes us about 20 minutes and it’s like sleeping in your bed at home. Cost $25,000


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