Our first play with a caravan

Hello to everybody, we have just picked up our caravan from a private sale in Darwin Australia and now have a planned trip from Darwin to Townsville. As we will be travelling the Carpentaria highway to Boorooloola and down the Bakeley highway to the homestead, the trip will be roughly 3500km. our first stop will be Litchfield National Park, so be prepared for that.

On setting up our new Caravan we were pleasantly surprised with the ease it all comes together. Both Carmen and I had no trouble working out the actual set up. However we were lucky to have the Caravan in Carmen’s brother yard for a few days. These few days helped us work out the power, batteries, solar, plumbing and water.¬†As we bought the van second hand we were lucky enough, to get some equipment such as ground sheets, tables and the appropriate cleaning products.

TIP – For new Barefoot Caravan hopefuls, I highly recommend compiling a list of to dos, prior to taking off in your vehicle. Also have a couple of practise goes to set it up. It does not hurt.


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